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the Use is Universal but the Placement is Personal

Dining is much more than just a gathering for special occasions—the instant you are seated, expectations of the cuisine are heralded by the ambiance and the presentation.

From the most exquisite 5-star Michelin Restaurant tables around the world to your local Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives, one thing is for certain when you span the globe ~ we all share the same etiquette when it comes to our Utensils —“ the Use is Universal but the Placement is Personal®.

For your considerations, , a    product that will forever change your Restaurant operations.

Patented PPE products and Disposable Menu.

Personalized to include your full, seasonal, To-Go, or Happy Hour menus.

Promotional marketing/advertising device, sort of like your very own Pocket Billboard.

Practical, fully Functional menu with seamless QR capability to integrate with your existing Contactless options.

For The Ultimate Dining Experience choose where to place with